39 The Art of Being Mile High

At today's meeting of the Denver Commission on Cultural Affairs, we heard staff of the city's Office of Cultural Affairs give updates on programs to advance the arts in Denver, including expansion of a revolving loan program to support creative enterprises, a city concert series, and the city's new 2.0 web site. After the meeting I asked several of my fellow Commission members what they think is unique about Denver's arts scene.

Music for this episode is "My Back Porch" by Brian McRae, courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network.


Thursday, January 03, 2008

Hi Len, very, very well done podcast. It has really inspired me to get more involved in our local area to find out what our city (Buffalo) is or isn't for that matter doing to help sustain the arts. I would love to see some success stories come out of this. I'd love to see some of the actual artists or galleries that are and will be benefiting from the organizations work. Again Len, well done and Kudo's to you for supporting all of us artists. Thanks so much.
Keith Burtis
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