83 Travels with Mary

Our Casper, Wyoming, friend Tom brought his 93-year-old mother Mary on a cross-country RV trip to New England. Last week we traveled in tandem with them and with Tom's wife Tish on the Fall Foliage RV Ramble. Mary lived on the coast of southern California for nearly 50 years, so her visit to Ocean Park, Maine, made her homesick. When I asked her off-camera if she had any tips for growing old well, she replied, "It just happened." She inspired us all with her adaptability and constant curiosity about everything that crossed her path, from covered bridges to tiny grass seeds.

Yesterday I received generous help from Frank McMahon of the Rumor Girls video podcast in my first Skype-to-Skype call. (My new Skype ID is LenEdgerly--call me!) The connection was poor here at the campground in Foxboro, Mass., but Frank gave me good tips for improving the quality of my uploads. He recommended against embedding YouTube videos here, because the image quality is not as good as a regular feed. But if you'd like to open the video in YouTube, click here. Otherwise, click on the screen below:

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

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