Off to Hoffman

I'm jumpy as hell this morning, as I do final packing for a trip to the Hoffman Institute in Napa Valley, California. I was up at 3:30 a.m. with an idea to call my sister Steph and her partner Tim to get some last-minute advice, since they both have done the eight-day intensive Hoffman Process. I waited until a more reasonable hour to call them for an interview at a diner where they were having breakfast two time zones ahead of Denver. Steph's daughter Fran returned my call too late for the podcast, but she had good advice and encouragement, since she is the third member of the family who has done Hoffman. Yikes. I like to think I'm an old pro at this personal growth crap, but I'm a nervous kid headed to camp today. What I know is that Steph, Tim, and Fran all came back nicer people to be around, and it lasted more than the usual one-week buzz after events of this type. If I sound cynical it's the nerves talking.

This podcast will be my last until at least May 14th, when I reemerge as Len 2.0 . It's also my first experiment with a phone interview, and I can see that better equipment is indicated than the little Radio Shack gizmo I found in my drawer. The podcasts lasts about seven minutes.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

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