Birth of the Audio Pod Chronicles

Today I created a new podcast, named Audio Pod Chronicles. The first episode, a review of Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness and thoughts about the final days of the Ramble, can be found here.

The Mile High Pod Chronicles will continue to be found here and will contain only videos, which has been the trend in recent months.

I was reluctant to separate the audio and video feeds, but it makes sense to me. There are many places you can't watch a video podcast, such as while driving or jogging. So it seems logical that videos should have their own feeds, and an audio podcast shouldn't mix things up with video. Plus, I wanted to experiment with libsyn, the premier podcast hosting service, as part of my ongoing work with the Philanthropic Initiative. The libsyn signup was very smooth, except that I can't seem to hear my podcast on the Mac using Firefox or Flock, my favorite browsers. Enough geekery.

Darlene and I hid out in Bellingham as a wild rain storm moved through the area. Tomorrow we will drive to Ocean Park, Maine, and on Monday return the Southwind to its rightful owner in Westbrook.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

84 Welcome to Her Forest

Darlene and I take a walk in Wompatuck State Forest in Hingham, Massachusetts, reflecting on what we've learned during six weeks in the motorhome.

"Django Like" by Brian McRae, courtesy of the podsafe music network.

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Monday, October 23, 2006

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