David Allen's Revolution

The author of Getting Things Done, or “GTD” for his followers, spoke with me yesterday in Boston before the start of his “Road Map” seminar. This was my second time at the well with David Allen, and I got even more out of this one that the session I attended a couple of years ago.

Here is the podcast of our conversation, about 11 minutes long:

Thursday, April 20, 2006

My Pod Pal in Morocco

I'm up late wandering around the world of podcasting. My first stop was a beach in Morocco, where French blogger and podcaster Loic Le Mur filmed himself chatting about recent stories in Le Monde, a new "A to Z" guide in French about Nicolas Sarkozy, and a book in English which he called "un bijoux" or "a jewel" by Robert Wright, titled Nonzero . I watched the entire vlog, which lasted about 30 minutes, and I thought of the month I will spend on the coast of Maine in July. I'm not sure I will be as brave as Loic was in taking his MacBook computer out onto the sand to set up his mobile studio, but the result was mesmerizing. He holds up a copy of Le Monde, which flaps in the breeze, and then he holds up copies of the books he is reading on his vacation, talking about how they connect with each other and what he's thinking about them. It's a hokey setup, but the enthusiasm of his ruminations makes it compelling and fun to watch.

Loic (I feel as if I know him well enough to call him by his first name) mentioned in passing that he was using hardware by M-Audio, a microphone and audio interface called the Podcast Factory. I Googled it while I was listening to him, and now this $179 item leaps to the top of my wish list of new things to buy in support of my podcasting habit. "How'd you stumble on that one?" you might ask. Oh, the usual way in this internet-connected world of ours: I heard about it from a Frenchman on a beach in Morocco.

On Loic's blog there is a link to a new Arbitron survey that states that 27 million Americans have listened to a podcast, but have no fear if you own a radio transmitter. Arbitron still sees "a rosy picture for the future of radio." Adam Curry and the rest of the poderatti will be having a ball with that brave statement, I'm sure. Curry's Daily Source Code podcast always opens with a with a self-promo in which a mean-sounding Mexican guy snarls, "Transmitters? We don't need no stinkin' transmitters!"

I will try to hold off on buying a Podcast Factory until I've attended Podcast Academy 2 at Boston University at the end of this month. I registered a while ago and see that it's sold out now. I can't wait. Two full days of the latest pod gear and content ideas. More sleepless nights of enthusiasm for what's out there and what's coming in the podosphere.

Monday, April 17, 2006

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