40 Richard Dreyfuss on How Apple Can Save the World

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The actor Richard Dreyfuss yesterday made stirring comments about how Apple's ability to make learning fun points to a crucial task for this country - how to continue the struggle against ignorance as a republic founded on democratic principles. The venue was a reception at Macworld Expo in San Francisco showing of a brand new John Lennon Educational Tour Bus, where six students from the School of the Arts in San Francisco spent a day making a movie with Dreyfus. They finished the project in the bus as the actor stalled for time, counting the minutes. Afterward I spoke with one of the students, Maya Lorton, and asked her how working on the Lennon bus had changed her life. All in all, a terrific event to kick off my week at Macworld. Special thanks to Francis Shepherd for alerting me to the reception.

Music is "Funktown Groove" by Darryl Allen, courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

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