32 Ahead of the Climate Curve in Costa Rica

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Interview yesterday in Denver with Lawrence J. Wolfe, managing partner of Holland & Hart, who is also a neighbor and an old Wyoming friend of mine. Larry had just returned from a meeting in Costa Rica with president Oscar Arias, part of Holland & Hart's pro bono work for Pax Natura. They brought a million-dollar check with them to Costa Rica, to purchase deforestation avoidance credits that will in turn be sold on the developing carbon-credits market. The money will benefit Costa Rican farmers who choose not to clear lush forests in the country. I found all this fascinating, especially the idea that some of Holland & Hart's clients are taking such a proactive stance on climate change, participating in innovative solutions to global warming even before carbon offset regulations are promulgated.

Music for this episode is the "himno national de costa rica" by Bobby Blue courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network. Photos are from "The Costa Rica of the Web."


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

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