A Dream on Wheels

Yesterday began in disappointment when we saw, in person, the RV which I had reserved over the internet for our Great Fall Foliage RV Ramble to New England and Québec this September and October. The unit was too small and pretty shabby, but I doubted we would find anything better. Imagine my surprise when my first Google search in a Starbucks in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, led me to R & R Vacation Rentals in Durham, Maine. Rhonda at R & R pointed us to a unit she had on consignment in Westbrook, Maine, and we scooted up there to check it out.

Without spoiling the story, I'll say we are now VERY excited at the prospect of heading off on our RV Ramble September 9th through October 30th. Inspired by her first taste of New England's fall colors, my South Dakota-born wife will be quilting on a new Bernina machine she bought today in Portsmouth. I will be podcasting, videoblogging, and writing. We plan to begin by driving all the way north to Québec, and then we will drift southward with the turning leaves.

The videoblog above lasts just under 10 minutes. To see the full-screen version, you can click here and go to YouTube, then click on the icon at the lower right of the image of a screen, where it says "Size:"

Friday, July 28, 2006

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