Sweet Baby James

My goodness. The combination of a visit from my grandson James and the purchase of a new MacBook Pro at the Cambridge Apple store has me up well past midnight, amazed at the Mac's ability to turn 10 baby photos into a slick slide show with music magically added, a nice guitar picking riff that seems to fit the mood perfectly. This little version of the slideshow hardly captures the hypnotizing effect of seeing these photographs move across the brilliant 15-inch screen of the new laptop. It's too exciting, and I need to get a good night's sleep so I will be sharp for tomorrow's reiki class taught by my sister Steph. MacLen is back!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Packing the Nano

Darlene, Claire and I are leave soon for the RTD Skyride to Denver International, en route to Boston for a 12-day family visit. These days my packing routine includes the happy task of picking which podcasts I will load into my 4 gig iPod Nano. Here is today's audio itinerary, more than enough to keep me occupied on a flight to New Zealand:

Connecting the Dots: brainy tech and social reflections by Steve Borsch

Accident Hash: A music show from Boston, hosted by C.C. Chapman

Daily Source Code: Everyone's first podcast, hosted by the Podfather, Adam Curry

Instapundit: I just came across this one, done by top blogger Glenn Reynolds and his wife Helen.

The Word Nerds: A brilliant show about language by three English teachers.

Slate Podcasts: Andy Bowers of NPR is my favorite podcaster. He "gets it" when it comes to voice and compelling content, sometimes as simple as reading a Slate story with little comment.

Well, there are about 10 others I'll be listening to, but I've run out of time. I love creating my own audio program for a long flight. I even am treating myself to the cushy Bose headphones, having read one too many scare stories about how all those white Apple ear buds are going to cause deafness in a whole generation.

The Mile High Chronicles will be on the road in Cambridge, Massachusetts for the next 12 days. Stay tuned!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Corned Beef and Politics

Denver City Auditor Dennis Gallagher's annual St. Patrick's Day party celebrates Denver, Ireland, and the art of old-time politics. It's a grand affair, this year honored with an appearance by Mayor John Hickenlooper and his son, Teddy, seen above watching Irish step dancers. Lots of other officeholders and politicians were in attendance, doing their best to remember names and taking advantage of any shred of Irish heritage in their families. Dennis will be running for reelection as City Auditor, and I'm sure I will help out with a contribution when the time comes. For today, the candidate was offering up free corned beef and cabbage, beer and bottled water, as well as some very fine Irish music and dancing. It was a day when politics still looked like fun.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

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