93 The Audacity of Obama

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In a testing-the-waters visit yesterday to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Sen. Barack Obama signed copies of his book, The Audacity of Hope, and confessed that he stole its title from his pastor.

This video episode of the Mile High Pod Chronicles also contains comments by Ross Neisuler, the Massachusetts chapter head of DraftObama.org, and some fun with "Campaign" Carl Cameron, FOX News chief political correspondent.

It was a great day for RiverRun Books, the independent bookstore in Portsmouth that hosted the booksigning at Frank Jones Center. All 700 tickets were snapped up early last week, but Darlene and I got there an hour early and stood at the door, hoping some extra tickets would fall from the sky, and they did. We got to hear the talk, and afterward Obama signed a book for each of us. While standing in line, I was interviewed by the BBC TV and Boston's Channel 4. "Would you be as likely to come out on a Sunday morning to see Hillary Clinton?" the BBC chap asked me. "Probably not," I admitted.

The one guy who didn't look as if he was having fun was a fellow standing out in the parking lot with a big Hillary poster. On one corner of it was a smaller sign that read, "Obama 2016."

This video is nearly nine minutes long, so I could include a good long excerpt of Obama's remarks. I will post an audio of the full talk soon at my blog. What fun. I'm on board. I hope this train goes all the way, and I kind of think it might.

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Sunday, December 10, 2006

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