36 Scott Monty: The Adventure of the At-Home Worker

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Yesterday I visited Scott Monty and his family in Maynard, Massachusetts, for an intimate look at the life of a talented guy who works out of his home. Scott works for Crayon, the new media company founded by Joseph Jaffe, and he also is a passionate and knowledgeable devotee of Sherlock Holmes. Scott's podcast, "I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere," is not to be missed. His other web outposts are The Baker Street Blog, The Social Media Marketing Blog, and Nothing Could Be Finer Than Being in Your Diner. I wasn't sure how Sherlock would fit into a conversation about working at home, but by the end of the episode you'll see that the matter was ably resolved.


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Len, it was a pleasure having you at my home. Thank you for painting such a flattering portrait of what can at times seem like drudgery. And thank you also for capturing some wonderful moments with my family.

Your choice of music was inspired - the Canonical connection was perfect and it made a very appropriate soundtrack for the subject matter.

This is a keeper!
Loved everything about this episode! Great job Len and Monty. Especially love the little guy's comment about Daddy working :-)
Hehe... make that "Scott". (I know quite a few guys named Monty.. sorry!)
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