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Vince Naeve, owner of Audio Pro at 779 Mount Auburn St., Watertown, Mass., is a man with a big mission: to save the planet. How? By taking good care of electronic equipment that most of us think is meant to be thrown away after a short period of time, to make way for the next new thing. I bought headphones and two lavalier mics at Vince's store today and afterward he visited with me for the podcast.

Guy Van Duser, a well-known New England jazz guitarist, dropped by with a tape deck to repair. He spoke about his project and said he'd be glad to have his music used on the podcast. It's available at the iTunes Music Store and from the Rounder Archive.

For this episode, the music is "Black Beauty" from Guy's 1981 album "Stride Guitar."


Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Beautiful jazz guitar-they don't come any realer than Vin it seems. Great piece.
That was a wonderful story... Thanks for sharing. It makes me realize how many people we meet, that we don't document the experience...
Len, this is great! I love these little stories, and this one even got me thinking about the piles of electronics sitting in my basement, very timely topic.
Wonderful, textured piece of a shop that I’ve passed countless times over the years, clueless to its charms.
Visited AudioPro for the first time, yesterday, after driving by for years. Still recovering!
Visit audioproz for wonderful rants and education. Thanks for this beautiful piece.
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