29 Media Metamorphosis - Part 1

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Jim Long, an NBC News cameraman who has founded Verge New Media and is active in several social networks, showed me around the media work station in Kennebunkport, Maine, this weekend during a Bush family stay at Walker's Point. I met Jim on Twitter and was glad to hear he would be within an easy drive from Ocean Park. In this Part 1, he talks about how he first got into broadcasting, and when it dawned on him that something else big was afoot. Jim's personal journey provides an enlightening look at the huge transformation taking place in media via new social networks and tools for creating and distributing content.


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

great storytelling! it occurs to me that i should be thankful that you didn't show up with the camera while I was putting. ;-)
What a great post. Jim is really at the intersection of old and new media and is in a unique position to understand them both. OMG, would I love to get him out on the golf course where we could spend 4 or 5 hours talking.
Thanks for a wonderful contribution. Looking forward to Part 2!!
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