27 The Real Thing in Casper, Wyoming

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My wife and are are spending a week in Casper, Wyoming, where we met and lived for 20 years before moving to Denver five years ago. We're staying in the RV of our friends Tom and Tish, out at the Fort Caspar Campground. Working on this video gave me a chance to think about the essence of my years in Casper. It was a lot more than the big sky and plentiful antelope.


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What a wonderful, sweet, reflective, ruminative account of your Casper musings! It made me reflect on my own past locations, and it was great to see some of the Casperites I've heard you talk about so often. Thanks! Kes
Enjoyed it! I lived in Cheyenne immediately after 9/11 (left Manhattan in my RV). After 2 years there, moved to Laramie. Then spent the last year in Wyoming living in the RV at a campground in Lander. I absolutely love Wyoming and miss it so much.
Nice one Len. Had a vlogger Charles Kurrault kind of feel to it. Nice to see real people reminiscing and planning.
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