Entering the iPhone Gates of Paradise

I was first in line at the Apple store in CambridgeSide Galleria, Cambridge, Mass., today, which meant my reception when the doors went up at 6 p.m. was beyond description. The whole store was filled with cheering and applauding Apple angels in their black shirts. I navigated a maze of ropes to the back counter, where I bought an 8GB iPhone for my wife and another for myself in a total of approximately seven minutes. I'll never forget it. Now I'm registering this gem of a gadget with AT&T. It feels sleek, weighty, and mystical in my hands. I've been up since 2 a.m., was in line at 3 a.m., and will no doubt crash soon. Enjoy.


Friday, June 29, 2007

Way to go Len, pretty exciting. No iPhone service provider in Canada yet as far as I know.

What a reception! Did you feel like a kid in a candy store?

I have a blackberry which I detest, I hope iPhone sets the standard. Blackberry functional but awful functionality.
Wow, that is was interesting...It (iPhone) won't go on sale in Japan until next year sometime...
And wow...it looked like a party at the Apple store.
I am curious if the iPhone will carry as much hype when it goes on sale in Japan...my opinion is probably not....hmmm...
How did you stage that welcome?
Kevin, I tapped the wrong button on my iPhone & deleted your great comment. Please leave it again & my apologies for Newbie error, compounded by using wrong loaner glasses while mine are being repaired.
O I was just going to show my friend your video and noticed your comment! I think I said, how I loved the video and how I will show my friends how great it is to buy a apple product. No other store has this type of excitement around a gadget which ads to the total experience. It should also be part of their ad campaign. So, have lots of fun and thanks for sharing your experience... I'm jealous!
Anthony Radich,

That is the welcome that you get when you buy a new product at an Apple Store on the first day of its launch. Here's what they looked like in SLC:

Laura, that's a great video of the SLC launch. I love the countdown. Are you glad you bought the phone?
I love that definitely going to try it when it comes out here in the UK!
This video is historic! I love it. You are fabulous, and your quotes in the Herald made me laugh out loud. I love the excitement and passion of computer nerds!
way to go Len, that made me laugh. I have no idea what an iphone is but I have to look one up now. Glad you got one ( or was it 2 of the big ones)
This was great entertainment, Len. You've still got that youthful enthusiasm. --BHB
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