Videoblogging Week is a Wrap

On the last day of Videoblogging Week, I treated myself to a parade of videos via AppleTV and wondered what exactly makes one video watchable and another, well, not so watchable. In the process I renewed my love of's work and discovered a new vlogger I hadn't heard of, at . it was cold in the condo, so I donned a beret, which warmed me up and helped me feel like a real critic.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Hi Len, thanks for leaving a comment at my blog. You made a simple statement here in your video and I think it answers your question about watchable videos.

You stated that you found a video at to be good because "he is fun to listen to". That is the reason why I have you and other folks as my subscriptions. I continually enjoy the honest, natural and warm style people present - without pretension or hype! Thanks Len.
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