Corned Beef and Politics

Denver City Auditor Dennis Gallagher's annual St. Patrick's Day party celebrates Denver, Ireland, and the art of old-time politics. It's a grand affair, this year honored with an appearance by Mayor John Hickenlooper and his son, Teddy, seen above watching Irish step dancers. Lots of other officeholders and politicians were in attendance, doing their best to remember names and taking advantage of any shred of Irish heritage in their families. Dennis will be running for reelection as City Auditor, and I'm sure I will help out with a contribution when the time comes. For today, the candidate was offering up free corned beef and cabbage, beer and bottled water, as well as some very fine Irish music and dancing. It was a day when politics still looked like fun.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Hello there!

I was at this same party. I was the redbearded fellow who looked a bit like a giant leprechaun. Dennis is my first cousin, once removed, so I have attended most of his parties throughout my twenty-six years.

He gives the same speech every year.
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