68. Quilting by Lake Cobbosseecontee

Darlene started work today on her first quilt of the Fall Foliage RV Ramble. It was a puzzle to find a place where she could hang her design board, where she arranges squares into a pattern she likes. I liked how she filled the Southwind with swatches of color, and how the view outside the window on a brilliant fall day seemed to mirror some of her colors: the red of an early-turning tree, the two shades of blue in lake and sky, and the green of the other trees. We took a canoe ride just before dusk, and I swam for a while in the cool, fresh water. All in all, an idyllic day at The Birches Family Campground in Litchfield, Maine.

My RSS feed is lagging, because I can't seem to communicate with Hipcast. I'm experimenting with this Revver version of today's videoblog. Please let me know which you prefer, the Revver or yesterday's YouTube version. If you have trouble playing today's Revver video, click here to see today's episode over at YouTube.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Revver is great because it allows you to generate some revenue. The revenue is pretty small--it amounts to coffee money in may case. However, I have found that the Revver system isn't as stable as YouTube. You can get, relatively speaking, server errors regularly on Revver.

I have decided that I prefer Revver, but much of that has to do with my penchant for open source projects. Revver GIVES its software away for free.
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