67. The Fall Foliage RV Ramble Begins

I already appear to be at the edge of my Verizon NationalAccess wireless internet coverage, which means it has taken hours to upload this video to YouTube. There is a problem with the Southwind's levelers that will have to be taken care of tomorrow. Meanwhile, we're sleeping at a bit of a slant. But the ramble is under way, and even the mechanical trouble tells us the adventure has begun, because when we had our own little RV, it was always something, and that was part of the charm. And it turns out that the pretty little lake where we're staying, at The Birches Family Campground, plays a part in Arundel. The narrator is waiting for Benedict Arnold to arrive from Cambridge and spends a few days to shoot deer and ducks here on the winding shores of Cobosseecontee Pond.

An RVing neighbor, John Adams, helped me diagnose the leveler problem. He retired and bought a 40-foot motorhome in which he and his wife drive to Florida each winter. "In a motorhome, we become buddies again," John told me. And I know what he means. This little rolling world makes us feel like two kids out in a simpler time, even though I still sneak off at 1:30 a.m. to wrestle with the wireless internet.

Monday, September 11, 2006

hi len this is liz my mom dosent know im hear shes downstairs with jon so i think u should come to montana cuz its darn cool hear with all the mountans and air and all ya know so ya im tired so im going to bed ta ta

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