Sailing with My Friend Max

A view of Hyannis Port from Ptarmigan, a Wianno Senior class boat skippered by a friend of mine who summers in Hyannis and has been sailing boats since before he can remember. In this eight-minute podcast, Episode 60 of the Mile High Pod Chroncles, Max speculates on what accounts for the ability of wind and sea to soothe the soul. He also expounds on the best song for a sailing video, as well as how NOT to ask how big someone's boat is. We had a great time out there, in perfect weather--clear and sunny after a week of muggy furnace days in New England.

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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Uncey Len, Uncey Len!!
Guess what, guess what, guess, what
Unce Len, Unce Len!
Guess what, guess what, guess what? ONLY 23 MORE DAYS, ONLY 23 MORE DAYS, ONLY 23 MORE DAYS, ONLY 23 MORE DAYS.
That's right, Liz, August 30th is coming! (It's the shared birthday of me and my niece in Helena, Montana)
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