Geriatric1927 v. The Media

The phenomenon of Geriatric1927 continues at YouTube, where Peter, an articulate 79-year-old British widower posting videos about his life, has generated more than 2 million views and a flood of mainly positive comments. In his posting yesterday, which he titled "THIS IS IMPORTANT" on a red background, Peter tells his fellow YouTubers, "The only people that I want to talk to are you," which means he has refused to answer any of the requests for media interviews that are filling up his YouTube mailbox. He said he worries that someone who might know him is going to reveal his identity and whereabouts, and that he will deal that if it happens. Meanwhile, someone has created a fan website purporting to be Peter's, which he wants to make clear he has nothing to do with. "It may sound glamorous," he says of the media attention, but he wants none of it, which is likely only to increase the attention. "You are my friends," he tells YouTubers, and that's where he wants to stay, chatting candidly with total control over what he broadcasts, protected from the glare of the media. I hope he succeeds, because his candid chats with 2 million of his friends make for wonderful viewing.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

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