62. Vertigo in Vancouver

It's been a long day, beginning in Vancouver with these musings on heights, technology and art, and vlogging versus YouTubing. I can barely remember what I had to say, and it's been a battle to get it up on the net. But we had a great WESTAF meeting in B.C. and now I'm visiting my friend Kes in LaConner. G'night!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

I loved watching the footage from your window. (Knowing how much it took for you to step out on that balcony). I recognize the area you are in. I will be in B.C with the kids in Oct/Nov for the annual R.C Challenge competition.
Take care
hi Len,
Will your future podcasts only be available through youtube?
Derk, I plan to continue posting podcasts at YouTube AND on my RSS feed which is available at the iTunes Music Store, Podcast Alley, Yahoo Podcasts and a few other places. I'm having trouble getting this one onto the RSS feed, but should have the problem fixed soon.
That's good to hear. I prefer the RSS feed to Youtube. Although Youtube is really cool, I like to watch and listen to podcasts on my ipod.
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