Sunrise at Ocean Park

Even though I was up past midnight working on videos, I couldn't resist heading out to the beach this morning at quarter to five when I saw a fine sunrise developing outside the window of the cottage. As I watched the sun poke up over Prouts Neck, I had in mind some more piano music by Mario Ajero from the Podsafe Music Network. And sure enough, he had posted the perfect piece, Pachelbel's Canon in D Major.

Mario has a terrific blog site named Nio TV for his son, Nio, and part of my late night was checking out this video on his proud grandparents visiting. Just now Darlene and I admired Nio's piano playing in another video. The clarity of Mario's videos and some tech help he gave me in an e-mail yesterday inspired me to browse among the MiniDV camcorders at Best Buy and Circuit City today. I'm getting close to a major upgrade in equipment from my trusty Pentax Optio S5i, but I will miss the portability of this little wonder. And it did well by today's sunrise. The video lasts about four and a half minutes.

Monday, July 03, 2006

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