New Wheels for the Beach

My adventurous parents try out a new contraption for getting my mother onto the beach, a Beach Cruzr. The trip takes them past the old family cottage (the green one with white trim), where they spent their honeymoon 58 years ago, having driven up from Sudbury, Mass., in their Model A named Jezebel.

I'm posting this video podcast in two formats, Hipcast and YouTube, in hopes you might leave a comment saying which one gives the best viewing experience on your browser.

Here is the first one, hosted by YouTube. It takes you to the YouTube page, where you can make the image fill your screen by clicking on the lower right of the image.

Here is the second, hosted by Hipcast, formerly known as AudioBlog. The Hipcast window opens on this page and seems to be clearer on my computer, but the Hipcast image is smaller, and you can't make it any bigger.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

So who says space exploration doesn't have a trickle down effect to the earthly population? What fun to see your parents in the Mars Rover. Both video systems look good on my screen. You Tube may be a little grainier, but that's probably just a consequence of the larger size of the viewing screen. And it may be my imagination, but the audio seems a little crisper on the Hipcast system. - Kes
We liked the first one. Beckett and Karen
We liked the first one better, and we don't know if we are actually posting a comment, doesn't seem like it as we looked and nothing was there.
Blogger Len, How great 4 your Mom!!
ur going 2 have 2 learn 2 walk smoother or get a gyro 4 your new camera.....
I loved it,

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