A Child of the Sixties Turns Sixty

Peter Muilenburg helped form Students for a Democratic Society at Dartmouth and got himself arrested in civil rights action in Mississippi. These days he speaks softly and looks after guests aboard his 42-foot ketch, Breath, out of Maho Bay, St. John. Darlene, Deb and I spent the day aboard Breath yesterday, and during one of the snorkeling stops I spoke with Peter about his life adventures and about what's ahead for the island of St. John.

Peter is a wonderful writer, and some of his stories of the sea and of pets have been published in one of my mother's favorite publications, The Readers Digest. He has also collected them in a book, highly recommended. "From SDS to Reader's Digest, that's quite a journey," I observed during a conversation after the recording was over. Peter grinned. He's a remarkable man of his era, who chose a very different path than I did through the turmoil of the 60s. But in the end, talking with him felt like catching up with a member of the family, and I very much enjoyed meeting him.

The podcast lasts about nine minutes.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

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