Live from Beantown: A Podcast Demo

I had so much fun giving a podcast demonstration to the staff of The Philanthropic Initiative (TPI) this morning that I forgot to take a photo until I was sitting on a bench in Boston Common looking up the hill to the Massachusetts State House. Peter Karoff, TPI's founder and chairman, followed up last month's breakfast conversation about podcasting with a request that I give a podcasting overview to members of his staff. With the help of a fast internet connection in the TPI boardroom and a projector, I walked the group through the creation and posting of a podcast comprising mini-interviews with Jason Born, Jane Maddox, Amy Zell, Peter, Ellen Remmer, and Cindy Hanshaw, aka Cindy Z. It took 20 minutes from turning on the M-Audio recorder to seeing the finished show appear in my iTunes library, and everything worked as planned.

Peter and his staff saw all kinds of implications for their work of promoting smart philanthropy. When he asked if I would like to help them move forward, I said "Of course."

Tomorrow I report to Boston University to begin a two-day workshop titled Podcast Academy 2. I will pay careful attention to the experts and will learn all I can about the podcast frontier. Sometimes I think I'm crazy staying up till 2 a.m. chasing some aspect of this new phenomenon. It was great to see the shared enthusiasm today at TPI as, one by one, the lights went on and the possiblities opened up.

Here is the demo podcast, about 5 minutes long:

Thursday, April 27, 2006

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