Claire, our 7-month-old Yorkie, is becoming a wired dog. First, she learned the joys of chasing a red laser beam from a pointer all around the house. When she spots it, her feet whir in place like a cartoon dog before she gets traction and sets off for the red dot. When she reaches it, she skids to a stop and wheels to chase it in the other direction. It's a great way to excercise her on a day that is too cold for four-pound dogs, even those with quilted pink coats to wear.

In the last couple of days, Claire has noticed the cursor on my computer screen. She used to wander around my desk, chewing pens and the remote to my Bose, then finally settling down to chew a stick of rawhide in her little bed at one corner. For some reason, she never steps on the keyboard, and she never jumps off to the floor, which to her must appear to be a dizzying drop. But now she has begun stepping between my keyboard and the screen to follow every movement of the cursor. This is a bad habit, but an adorable one for now. I obediently lean around her head to see what I'm typing or browsing for. This morning she stood up on her hind legs to put her nose on the cursor when it had moved to the top of the screen.

Given my geekiness, my imagination wanders to what other Yorkie 2.0 tricks I could teach Claire. I've seen very small cameras you can strap to your head, so I could fit one to her and do a YorkieCam or ClaireCam video blog. I could create a profile for her on MySpace and list her favorite music, which is smooth jazz 104.3, the station we leave on for her whenever she's alone in the bedroom. Sony has announced plans to discontinue its Aibo robot dog, but there might still be time to buy one for Claire to romp with in the kitchen.

You can see my mind's not right after a whole week of bachelor life. One slice remains in foil in the fridge from the pizza Darlene and I had for lunch the day she left for the Virgin Islands to visit her sister. So there's no need to go shopping at Whole Foods for at least another day.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Back before the age of laser pointers, my family had a cat that loved to chase the point of light reflected from a watch. She'd race all over the floor and climb the walls to catch the uncatchable point of light. It was great fun to see how high she could jump trying to reach it. The other cat liked to play fetch with a curler- throw it down the hall, and he'd bring it back.

Claire sounds like a cutie. I say go for the YorkieCam!
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