A Grandfather's Musings in Harvard Yard

I walked through Harvard Yard this morning savoring life as a new grandfather, nearly four decades after I walked these same pathways as a freshman living in Wigglesworth Hall. In the afternoon, I had a chance to meet James Joseph Foleno, born yesterday at 4:55 p.m., weighing just under eight pounds. He and his mother are healthy and amazingly wonderful. Tomorrow night we fly home to Denver, savoring the long wait and the spectacular arrival of this child.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Len it was wonderful to come across this video tonight. Its serenity and beauty were refreshing in a way I can’t explain. It simply made me smile. Congratulations on being a Grandfather. Mom had told me to check out your site and somehow I remembered. I’m truly glad I did.
Thanks very much for your comment, Jesse. It came at a time when I've been having podcaster's block, wondering if these things are worth the time and effort I put into them. So you offered a timely bit of feedback, and I'm grateful. I think of you when I play around with video and worry that with all your training as a filmmaker you are cringing at these efforts of your uncle the novice.
This podcast was described to me as the "shameless gushing of a grandfather podcaster" (by the podcaster himself, of course). I disagree. It was a thoughtful and touching tribute to the arrival of a very special person new to the earth. If only all babies were so anxiously awaited and loved--think what our world would be like. Thanks, Len, for reminding us of the special gifts in our lives.
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