Galveston Musings

When I asked the doorman here at the Tremont House hotel which way to walk to the ocean, he laughed and said it would be a long walk. But he pointed me toward the ship channel, and I set off to make a video blog, wearing my old Stetson hat from my Wyoming days that I brought specially for this trip to Texas. The regional arts organizations begin their powwow here in a few minutes.

Toward the end of my walk I met a Galvestonite named Curt who tipped me off to the existence of Lafitte's treasure. I find that Jean Lafitte went down on a ship named The Pride, possibly near Galveston. No coincidence that a pirate would go down with his treasure on a ship named Pride. This confirms my usual resolve before a meeting like this to speak only if my gathering thought refuses to honor my intention to listen more than I talk. That's the best way to find the treasure.

My SD card filled up before I could wrap up the vlog, so it ends abruptly with what I intended to say about "pod fading" added as a title. Have a great day and enjoy the show...

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

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