A Tiger's Tips for the New Year

We saw 2006 in at a party on the 29th floor of our building, which offered terrific views of the fireworks displays at 9 p.m. and midnight. A huge crowd gathered on the 16th Street Pedestrian Mall, roaring its approval each time a burst of color looked as if it was the finale, only to be followed by a bigger one until the third one finally took our collective breath away.

In the final minutes of the old year, I interviewed longtime Barclay resident Bill Cox, asking him for tips on how to be a good neighbor in 2006. Bill has been on the Board longer than anyone can remember. His precise, Princeton-inflected speech contains ominous comic tension whether he is telling a real joke or simply reporting on the weather. I could listen to him for hours. In the podcast I posted over at The Barclay Show (and also below), Bill gives tips on what to say to a stranger in the elevator. Resident Rod Greiner's harmonica provides the appropriate musical intro and exit.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

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