That Harp Guy of Boulder

Thaddeus "Gaffer" Venar was playing his Celtic harp on the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder today. I am still trying to figure out the intricacies of my M-Audio Microtrack digital recorder, so I sat down next to the music and fiddled with the volume levels. My first two takes somehow never showed up on the CF card, so I had to keep coming back to Gaffer asking him the same questions, and he was a good sport. The resulting podcast is really a collage of my time enjoying his music and his intense conversation, which ranged from music theory to corporate mendacity. I used Propaganda to lay some of Gaffer's music beneath his story telling, when in real life he was either playing or talking, not doing both at the same time. Claire added some classical Yorkie barking at the end of one lovely piece, so she makes her return here to the Pod Chronicles after a lengthy absence due to circumstances beyond her control.

Gaffer said he makes far less in tips for his music than street beggars take in, even though his financial condition is just as perilous. Apparently buskers don't do as well on the Pearl Street Mall as beggars, which seems sad. I donated $20 which earned me a heartfelt blessing. But the real blessing was the music, which I enjoyed again in my ear buds as Claire and I continued on our walk down the mall, and yet again here in my den late into the night, as I've been tinkering with the audio tracks.

Here is the podcast:

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

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This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Gaffer (Thadd) is my younger brother - and extremely talented (but I'm likely biased). He also plays the flute and piano, although I'm not sure those are current any more. Thanks for posting the conversation and music. We originally hail from the eastern part of the country - I haven't seen him in a great while and I miss him - a small treat to hear and see him here. :)
How terrific that you found the conversation and music of your talented brother. Thanks for posting this comment!
I heard Gaffer play last night - he is very talented and a beautiful musician.
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