A Poetic Segway Ride

The photo above was taken by Julie Vick at WESTAF world headquarters at the end of an eventful Segway ride through LoDo. Just when you think a podcast is going to offer little in the way of surprises, the Denver City Auditor accosts you at Wazee and 17th Streets and proceeds to recite part of a poem by Gerard Manley Hopkins. Actually, this is just the sort of thing we come to expect here in the Athens of the Rockies.

After being stopped twice by a Denver policeman and told Segways were illegal on city sidewalks, I contacted the Mayor's office and learned that, in fact, they are perfectly legal, because they are considered by the City Attorney as "toy vehicles." Damned expensive toys, I might add, but I'm not complaining about the characterization if it makes them legal.

So here is today's moving Podcast, a Segway ride with alliteration:

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

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