Digital Dentist

I don't usually think of a trip to the dentist as a chance to make art. But this week's double whammy of a crown and a replaced filling ended up prompting me to shoot some video with my Pentax Optio as Amber (shown above) and Dr. Mike Golinvaux, D.D.S of Metropolitan Dental Care introduced me to digital dentistry I'd never encountered before. Making the vlog transformed me from an inert patient, counting the minutes till the procedures were over, into a a director framing shots, asking questions, wondering if I had enough raw footage to tell a story. In the end, I had a great time at the dentist's office. I've always admired Dr. Mike's approach to his work, because he takes time to explain what he's doing and his hands seem steady and skilled when he's drilling into my head. And Amber and the rest of the staff are always energized and seemingly in good spirits. So here's the show, a toothcast, a crowning digital achievement by Amber and Dr. Mike:

Friday, January 27, 2006

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