Denver's Best is Yet to Come

Donna Dewey, left, is a Denver filmmaker who chairs the city's Commission on Cultural Affairs. Denise Montgomery, center, has served as Director of the Office of Cultural Affairs; her last day was today, as she is relocating to San Diego after an oustanding two and a half years working with the Commision to advance the arts and culture in the Denver area. Tina Poe-Obermeier, shown carrying the heaviest load, is serving as acting director until a successor for Denise is found.

After this morning's orientation for myself and three other new members of the Commission, I sat down in the lobby of the Hotel Teatro with Donna Dewey to learn more about her new feature film, "Looking for Sunday," which will be in theaters this spring. It's a coming-of-age story, as is the story of Denver's coming into its own as a world-class center for arts and culture. It's an exciting time to join in the work.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

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