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I've taken last night's three-minute interview with Judy Montero and posted it as a podcast at the iTunes store. I would not call this a user-friendly interface, but if anyone wants to hear the interview on their iPod, try this:
1) Launch the Music Store (if you don't have the iTunes software you will be invited to download it.)
2) Under the Advanced menu, choose "Subscribe to Podcast..."
3) Paste in this URL: http://lenedgerly.audioblog.com/rss/thebarclayshow121105.xml
4) Update your iPod
5) Under Artists, choose Judy Montero, then All, then BarclayShow01.

To hear the first episode of The Barclay Show without going through all these iPod steps, simply click on the arrow at the far left of the audioblog player below:

Sunday, December 11, 2005

awesome len. nice job. so cool to see you running with this. :)
great going Len, it was great to have you in Banff. Nice going!

Until next time, take care.
most excellent
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