Virgil's View from the Concierge Desk

It was a quiet night here at the Barclay this evening when The Barclay Show visited with Virgil Bentley, a five-year veteran of the Concierge Desk. I've always wondered what it would be like to sit behind the desk for a while instead of walk by it in a rush to go in or out of the building. I was surprised that in the five minutes or so that I hung out with Virgil behind the desk, only three people walked by. In between, the lobby was a quiet place where you could hear the whir of the heater fan by Virgil's desk.

I trimmed up the raw broadcast in a couple of places using Audacity. In one, I had forgotten which show I was taping, so I simply deleted a reference to The Pod Chronicles and left in the corrected name, The Barclay Show. In the second, Virgil's account of carrying a heavy tray in a previous job at The Antler Hotel was interesting but didn't have much to do with the Barclay, so I trimmed it after a cell-phone interruption. I'm not sure of the artistic ethics of such trimming, because you can't hear a sign of it in the finished product. It makes me much less trustful of news that I hear or see, knowing how easily recordings or video can be played with. I'm sure they never do that on Fox News--right Mom?

Friday, December 16, 2005

I remember reading about the New Year's Eve broadcast on one of the networks (whichever one has Dick Clark on it). The broadcast was supposedly live (and must have been at midnight), but included a slight delay, which allowed the network to digitally edit out the billboard of a competitor that was actually in Times Square and replace it with an ad for their own network. Get it? So someone in Times Square saw, say, an ABC billboard, but people watching NBC's supposedly live broadcast saw an NBC billboard and had no idea it had been changed.
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