Sarko's Podcast Coup en France

Loic Le Meur, a leading French blogger, did a video podcast interview with Nicolas Sarkozy, the Minister of Interior and still the leading candidate for French president in 2007 despite his fall from grace during the riots when his tough talk alienated many young people.

Eh bien, what's a little tough talk when the savvy Sarko becomes the first French politician to do a podcast. And, what's more, he invites his interviewer to use the familiar "tu" form, just right for le blogosphere but a shocking departure from the formality of the French Political Class. Le Meur blogs in French and English. C'est magnifique!

(To see the interview, which is in French, scroll down to the video screen image and click on the left arrow. Thanks to my friend Ben Beach of The Wilderness Society for putting me onto this one, via a Business Week online story.)

Friday, December 30, 2005

Well done!
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