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My Nano is nestled in a new Bose SoundDock, playing a soft French Léo Ferré song about poets, followed a rowdy Eminem track from his latest CD; thus the genius of the shuffle. A new Barclay Show post is up here, snippets from a tour of the building by five interior designers interested in our lobby renovation project. The iTunes Music Store seems to have settled into a reliable ability to find both of my new podcasts, The Barclay Show and the Mile High Pod Chronicles. From the Music Store home page, you simply click on "podcasts" and then search for them for an easy, free subscription and automatic updates of new episodes to your iPod.

We had a quiet Christmas with friends Tom and Tish visiting from Casper. Quiet, that is, except for the several hours Tom and I spent shooting aliens on Halo 2.

I'm including a Cambridge photo from our last trip for this day after Christmas, because that's where all most of my immediate family gathers this time of year. It's a beautiful city in all kinds of weather, as when a steady rain arranges late fall leaves on a brick sidewalk along Brattle Street.

Monday, December 26, 2005

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