The Podcast You'll Never Hear

I worked for two and a half hours this morning on a new episode of Mile High Pod Chronicles, only to find that the audio was terrible and it was, worst of all, boring. This was a big setback, because the topic was last night's performance of Westside Oratorio, written and directed by Tony Garcia at the King Center at Auraria Campus. I was so pumped up about the performance that I thought it would be easy to capture the buzz in a podcast. The Oratorio begins with the story of the first immigrants to Denver from Mexico and continues through the leveling of homes to create the Auraria campus where many children of the displaced families went on to earn advanced degrees. Tony himself teaches at the campus, so his artistic creation represented a full circle. The music was written and conducted by his friend Daniel Valdez. The show was over-the-top wonderful, a presentation of Su Teatro.

Giving in to the fact that this podcasting business is not going to be a total snap, I bought a book titled Secrets of Podcating by Bart G. Farkas. I feel such an urge to post new episodes of The Barclay Show and the Pod Chronicles that I'm tempted to put things up before they're ready. Down boy.

New glitch: The Mile High Pod Chronicles can now be found at the iTunes Store, but the Barclay Show has disappeared. Can you only publish one podcast per person at iTunes?

Monday, December 19, 2005

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