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Even after only five hours of sleep, I couldn't wait to get out of bed and explore the world of podcasting. After admiring my own recent Pod Chronicles and The Barclay Show (which I will continue to post here and at the Barclay Towers site), I wandered out onto the net with a "Denver podcast" Google search. Lo and behold, the venerable Denver Post has created a very impressive podcast, which means they are my main competitor for the Denver Metro podcast market so far. Google did find a guy named Steve in Denver, but I was relieved to see that he is not a rival for mile-high podshare; he has only been a guest on someone else's show.

Which brings me to The BBQ Forum.

This is a podcast all about barbecue. Even before breakfast, this sounds pretty good. The podcast host is a guy named Ray. In his telephone interview with Steve, who is a deputy fire marshal from a suburb north of Denver, Ray notes that Steve has posted a lot on the forum, which has clearly been around a while before its podcasting version. "It's pretty much changed my life," Steve says of the BBQ Forum. And before you chuckle, as I did, you need to listen to the facts: how Steve's life after work now inludes barbecue competitions and catering gigs. "The Barbecue Forum has kind of been a shot in the arm for me for doing something different in my life that I was looking for," Steve tells Ray.

Tell me about it. Now that I have discovered podcasting (I've never been much of a BBQer), I wake up with about five ideas each day for where to bring The Show next. Later this morning, I'll tape a Mile High Pod Chronicles at the Denver Women's Correctional Facility. That's where my refresher training will take place so I can keep going into the state prisons as a volunteer. And then I want to do an interview for The Barclay Show with a 16th Street Mall panhandler, and then I want to do an interview on the high-rise development that is threatening to block views of the mountains from the Barclay....

Saturday, December 17, 2005

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