Blog n Dog Tired

After three days of nonstop blog talk, blog dreams, blog confusion, and blog hobnobbing with bloggers of all stripes, from about-to-blog to been-blogging-so-long-it-looks-like-up-from-here, I'm water-blogged, over-blogged, and ready to chop wood for a week in a plaid shirt. Or something. It's almost midnight. Camp Blog is history, celebrated at an informal dinner at the Grizzly House, a Banff eatery featuring buffalo heads and a real motorcycle hanging from the walls, and phones by the tables so you could call fellow diners and say hi, have you seen my blog? Many photos were taken, and audio recorded, and some of it will find its way to the web by dawn, to be preserved somewhere until the end of time. I am blown away by the generosity of the faculty who donated their time to be here. I have enough new ideas to last me the next six months. Idea Number One: turn off this blasted screen and turn out the lights in Lloyd Hall room 4218. Blognight and blog luck...

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Oh Len, your post made me so wish that I had the wit myself to come up with such gems as "blog n dog tired" and "waterblogged". Seriously. :)
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