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Another Beta test of The Barclay Show....

A delegation from the Barclay Towers partied with Mayor Hickenlooper last night at the Adams Mark Hotel. Well, the Mayor wasn't there as long as we were, since his social calendar this time of year is much busier than ours. But City Auditor Dennis Gallagher stayed long enough to visit guests at the next table in a foreign language, probably Ukrainian. Then there was a Charleston contest which we didn't enter, but Barclay resident Tamara Norris offered expert assessment of the contestants.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

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Leonard, great to see you and your friends at the Mayor's Gala. I was speaking in both Ukrainian and Russian....two beautiful Slavic languages. We were joking about the word for wine glass: 'reeoomka,' accent on the 'oom.' Hope we will see you at Hopkins Conference this March 23-25 at Regis in 2006. Excellent program lined up so far. Blessings of the Solstice be with you all, Dennis Gallagher, City Auditor.
Thanks for the linguistic clarification, Dennis, and for leaving a comment on the blog!
Your Host of The Barclay Show, Len.
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