12 Souvenirs of Camp Blog

1. Darren Barefoot's amazing tale of raising more than $14,000 in several days to buy flowers for gay couples waiting in line at San Francisco City Hall.

2. Darren's FAQ answer to the question Are you some kind of gay activist: "Despite my love of musicals, I'm straight and (what's more) Canadian. I do believe that any two people, regardless of gender or sexual preference, have the right to civil union."

3. Will Pate's Memory Map in Flickr, a GoogleEarth Map of his childhood haunts including tagged sites which he describes in pop-up notes. Of a certain park, the note says, "Park where I killed time when Dad was working and I was stuck at the office for too long. Neighborhood kids didn't like intruders, but never tried to run me out of their turf."

4. Many, many photos of Blogs n Dogs posted to Flickr here.

5. This list of people at 43people.com who, like me, would like to meet Bill Clinton.

6. A place called last.fm where I can join the social music revolution sometime.

7. A lively beercast with Sarah and others, hosted by Kris, on the topic of spirituality and the ADD/wired techno life.

8. Learning how "to delicious" a site on the web, to create, for example, this list of sites mentioned by various speakers at Blogs n Dogs.

9. Anticipation of Sachiko and Lee LeFever's upcoming year-long trip around the world, blogging all the way.

10. Talking very good French "for an American" with Robert Scales, hard-working impresario of Blogs n Dogs.

11. Roland Tanglao's very cool USB microphone, which zoomed to the top of my Christmas wish list.

12. The World According the Eric Rice of Silicon Valley, especially his vlog of the dogs.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

hi len:
it's sachiko as far as i know
great to see that u are applying your lessons :-)
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